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Best Office & Home Cleaning Service in Bangladesh


Cleaning is always a demand and always will be. In this era of moving fast and inclusive innovation, professional cleaning has its place at the top. Professional cleaning is the future and the world is moving towards it. We, floor care ltd is offering best cleaning services in Bangladesh with environmental and hygienic benefits

Professional cleaning services is a new phenomenon in this country. As we need cleaning in a regular basis from industrial level to household, professional help is a crying need for this fast moving world.

Floor Care Limited is one of the best outsourcing & professional Cleaning Services Company in Bangladesh. Involved in outsourcing, cleaning and support benefits for more than 13 years, the organization has built up its dynamic arrangement of cleaning with a group of committed professionals utilizing most modern hardware, gear and chemical to provide the highest quality assurance. We maintain our schedule strictly and give assurance of clean places as you required.

The majority of us work best in lovely environments we appreciate being in. Clean and alluring surroundings not just makes every day work, it likewise implies an increasingly productive workplace that instigates prosperity and occupation fulfillment. Simultaneously, the cleanliness of your organization surroundings is significant for the impression your organization or association leave with clients and visitors.

Floor Care Ltd. is professional cleaning service provide in Bangladesh. We are longed for making a one stop service solution for our clients to give the complete cleaning service solution for their needs. The management itself profoundly skilled and has serious and extraordinary household cleaning abilities and involvement in the business. For years, Floor Care Ltd has been known as the leading cleaning company in Bangladesh. Although we have come a very long way today in being a fully-fledged facility management company, we continue to pioneer the market for cleaning.. Our guarantee is that you will consistently have the option to get in touch with us when you need us.

We have a pool of experts with skilled workers to serve the customers with distinctive features. Further details of each services are discussed hereafter.


Floor Care Ltd. is aiming to provide the highest level of cleaning service available by exceeding the expectations of our clients, as well as their employees, patients, students, and other visitors to their premises or facilities with a concern to the welfare of the environment and the society


Committed to the excellence and professionalism as well as employee satisfaction, we aim to be the leading cleaning providing brand in the country. We dream of maintaining a partnership with our stakeholders to achieve our philosophical goal.

Company Capacity

Floor care takes responsibilities of your clean home, work place, factories and organizations. It is now operating with a huge pool of workers specialized in different types of cleaning and providing several clients with professional level work with quality assurance and intensive monitoring systems.

Floor care is providing professional level cleaning benefits in four specialized area of cleaning. It provides different professional workers for different types of services. We maintain the whole operations with managers who are experienced and inherently skilled to execute the maintenance activities with our workers. As the world is moving to automation, we also perform online maintenance to ensure quality control.

Floor care is very serious about our human resources. We have a huge number of employees with different expertise numbered more than 3000, Though we need to be flexible and understanding with our workers, we are capable of serving our clients with a huge skilled labor force.


Floor Care Ltd limited consider the whole Bangladesh as their potential market. Though Operating currently in Dhaka, it believes that the whole country is moving towards outsourcing cleaning services to reduce workload.

Our first target market is corporate bodies and establishment like hospital, schools, colleges, universities, mosques, temples, churches etc. to provide them finest experience in cleaning.

We also provide our services to small and medium businesses as they are very much attracted to our services for our efficient and controlled execution. Floor Care Ltd is also providing industrial level cleaning with specialized staff. Factories, warehouses and laboratories are one of our key expertise.

Although professional cleaning services in household is very new in our country, we have noticed a adequate demand on this sector. Socioeconomic Class A and B are being are valuable customers and partners to the organization. Floor Care Ltd. works to be a part of fast and innovative world by serving the needed people to enable them work with a clean place and mind. As cleaning workers are not typically organized, there is a lack of confidence. We are ensuring a professional level service with no absenteeism and quality assurance.

We believe good service is the one and only way to be a successful business. We try to serve our clients with best possible solutions. We use eco friendly products and very concerned about hygiene. Floor Care Ltd reaches customers through online and offline mediums.